Podcast Recording Session


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The last thing you want when sitting down to start your pod, is to struggle with is tech and hardware. Audio quality is essential when recording your podcast. Leave it to us to get your audio crisp and clear.

What you get:

Your session includes post-production (we treat the levels and clean up the audio). We then deliver a high-quality audio file ready to publish on your podcast hosting platform.

Choose the number of guests:

Guests can choose to be recorded in our studio, or in a virtual meeting (via Zoom). Other integrations may include Clubhouse, Twitter spaces etc.

Why not film it?

You can also select the Add Video option for our offering. That will include a video cut of your session as well as 6 promo clips for your social platforms. (2 x square, 2. in HD and 2x in Story – or vertical – aspect ratio.)

Recording Session

60min, 120min

Nr. Of Guests

1 Guest, 2 Guests, 3 Guests or more

Add video shoot?

No, just the audio is fine, Yes, let's shoot the video.


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