Episode 05
Sushi's Rescue

In episode 05 of #TheFacesOfFairland, we look at how Fairland resident – 14-year-old black labrador, Sushi – was rescued by our community. This story travelled far and wide and is a testament to what the heart of our people is all about.
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Episode 04
Deane Bourhill

In episode 04 of #TheFacesOfFairland, we meet Deane Bourhill: Kite flyer, beekeeper and resident of Fairland.
Deane’s is a fifty-year-old love story of a little boy’s fascination with flight.
During the lockdown, we all saw the kites and we also forgot about the craziness for a while.
Order your honey from @Lynne Bourhill today.


Episode 03
Beagle Watch Armed Response

In episode 03 of #TheFacesOfFairland, we look at local business Beagle Watch Armed Response and learn about their community projects that most people are unaware of.
This video is not sponsored or paid for by Beagle! We have had many encounters with the men and women of Beagle Watch over the years. We are always impressed by their attitude towards residents, whether they are clients or not. A great asset to our community.
A big thanks to you and everyone looking out for us when we forget to be alert and aware!
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Episode 02
Lynette Nicholson

In episode 02 of  #TheFacesofFairland we look at local hero Lynette Nicholson. For 8 Years now, they have looked after stray and forgotten cats in our area.
A big thanks to you and everyone who is looking after forgotten things!
We need more of that in the world – especially now.


Episode 01
Rob Janbroers

This is a community project where we operate.
There are amazing stories of people in #Fairland and we would like to get behind those stories. The first episode is of our neighbour Robert Janbroers, who does a whole lot for the Fairland community! Thanks Rob!
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