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When comedian Rikus de Beer started his comedy channel, driving home from gym one night, he didn’t actually mean to “start” anything… The aim was to get chuckles from 25 friends on a Whatsapp group. If you listen to that voice note carefully, you would hear a slight stumble – a nanosecond of paused anxiousness as he combs his thoughts for a name – and then he spits it out, almost accidentally: “It’s … Jonathan…”

Hard cut to 2020: Collectively, RadioRaps has more than 500 000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. Jonathan performs capacity shows not only in venues like The Sun Arena in Pretoria and Grand West but also in Washington DC – USA, Auckland -New Zealand, Perth – Australia, and Dubai – UAE to name a few.In the last year, RadioRaps has had more than 10 million video views and stacked up watchtime of more than nineteen years – just on Facebook alone. 

During the lockdown, RadioRaps again, did something unusual in announcing that his first two live comedy specials – LIFE 101 and LIFE 201 – will be available to watch on his social pages for anyone to see and free of charge. Media studios are very reluctant to move in this way, but as De Beer is a co-owner of his content, also not the norm, he has a different view: 

“The whole country is in shock. People are anxious and with good reason.  At the moment, we are in desperate need of escapism, and that is what the RadioRaps brand is all about! As content creators, we have a responsibility to help out. I am an entertainer, and this is what I do… It is as simple as that.” 

LIFE 201, will go live on all the RadioRaps platforms at 19:00 on Saturday 11th April. The show and the first one, LIFE 101, will be available until the lockdown is lifted… Lekke Boys!

In another first, his sixth live show: RadioRaps – Jonathan LIVE IN PRETORIA is debuting first on digital platforms on the of 3rd July via iTickets and fans can pre-book for the streaming launch here:

To watch his Television show on Showmax, click here: 


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