Our Policies

These are the policies we apply and enforce at The Media Farm (PTY) LTD.

Data acquisition and POPI

  • We will not and cannot, by law, add you to our mailing list without your permission.
  • If you do opt-in to receive periodical information, the nature of the communication will be communicated to you at the time of opt-in.
  • If you are on our mailing list, the communication you will receive will be for the sole reason pertaining to your opt-in and for no other reason.
  • Our customer data is decentralised and segmented by sign-up or opt-in platform.
  • We will never share your personal information with anyone or with an external entity including API’s of any kind.
  • We will never sell your information.
  • If we have received any of your personal information you have the “right to be forgotten” you are free to exercise this right at any point in time.


* Refers to full vaccination against the COVID-19 (SARS -CoV-2) coronavirus disease.

Our employees are not required to be vaccinated.